Step 3 - Vote for a school project

School: Nazareth Catholic Primary School

Project: Nazareth play ground structure

Category: Facilities & Education

  • A play structure to be installed in the Nazareth playground
  • The structure to be used to develop fundamental movement skills
  • The structure to be used to facilitate creative play
  • The structure to support the learning needs of children Kindergarten to Year 2
  • The structure to support interaction with the school's older students in the context of a buddy system

The structure to be installed would be located in the school's playground. The structure would support curriculum based learning in particular fundamental movement skills associated with the teaching of Personal Development Health and Physical Education. The structure would also support extra curricula learning experiences focusing on creative play. The structure would include appropriate soft fall and required sun protection. The structure would also assist to facilitate interaction between the schools younger students and the older Stage 3 leadership teams.

Vote for: Nazareth Catholic Primary School

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